I dedicate my gratitude to the men of the light who showed me the way and the men of darkness who showed me mercy 
….and to my spiritual mother Light

These thoughts I share with you :

With all the wrinkles of life one can always use a good irony

You deserve what you create

It is wiser to trust the love that comes to you and not the love you have to chase

Love yourself as you wish to be loved and you will never want for love

Count your blessings and you'll notice them more

If you find yourself opposing the situation you find yourself in, the situation will oppose you.
It is what it is, until it's not , with patience and trust all things resolve in your favour , although it may take hindsight to appreciate this

Time really flies when you are using it , but when you are using it wisely it flies first class

A wounded lion has even more pride

To humble Gods is the favourite sport of humanity

It doesn't have to make sense, 
it just has to feel right

We are most at war with those who mirror to us that which remains unloved within ourselves

Survive the demons that taunt you 
and you become their lord

Laugh and the world listens

When in doubt, smile!

To love is divine but to fall in love is human

If you try to keep yourself small in order to appease small minds, they themselves will only taunt you in the end for not having been more. Seek the company of the large minded and bless the small minded and keep on your way, for your way is the only way to fulfillment, any other way will leave you stranded and bitter and life's too short for misery but far too long with it.

We serve ourselves by serving our standards. To allow your standards to be continually negotiated is to risk lowering your self regard, which invites even more wolves.

Every crises is the nexus point between the old breaking down and the new breaking in.
It is an opportunity, not a cosmic judgement.

The clouds are poetry scattered

It's all the doubt that wears us out

The key to inviting more fortune into your life is to recognize how fortunate you already are 
Gratitude increases what you are grateful for.

What else are roses but soft rebellious rubies much too absorbed in the freedom and voluptuousness of its own desire, in time they shall become rubies, but not now.

Life is as hard on you as you are on yourself 
Lighten up and you'll have an easier time of it.

Slow down Angels! 
The faster we go, 
the faster we get bored
and the slower we go 
the more we can afford

Heaven is being free to explore your own imagination 
Hell is being subjected to someone else's

Some believe material things are not important. Importance is relative. 
I say whatever moves you is important.
Let no one else tell you what matters to you or you will surely lose your Grace. 
The courage to be who we are is all that Grace requires.

The winner is not the one who dies with the most stuff, it's the one who dies with the biggest smile on his face.

There is in reality no such thing as hate, just passion very strongly denied, love deeply misunderstood and suppressed and therefore resented.

TAKE HEED: no man has a weakness, just an awareness of what moves him 
The rest is self judgement.

Love's greatest blessing is clarity 
It's greatest act of seduction is charity

There are no coincidences, just Divine timing

It is better to be resouceful than resentful

We don't always know who we are 
But we always know what pisses us off!

We grow older much quicker when we give up on our dreams . Our dreams are the lubrication that keeps us lean and elastic, Settling for what others say life is about is to dig your own grave slowly day by day and to even begin to long for it and silently beg for it to come .

Copywrite Sananda Maitreya, 
March 10th 2002