Thank You For The Birthday Wishes!


I am never not grateful to be in receipt of your good graces & birthday wishes.

56 is the new ‘Whatever I Want It To Be’ & we shall see what form or shape my Etherial waters flow, even if just more Ice Cubes & whirlpools.

Last year was very fruitful if absolutely exhausting.
We managed to survive a year whereby everything that COULD be thrown at me was,
Inclusive of the kitchen sink & bathroom plumbing as well as a few spare tiles.

But like a Phoenix, we walked through the fires & then BECAME THE SMOKE itself.
May the spirit of curiosity, love & invention continue to inspire your own movements forward.

May you inherit in your own hands more of the power & confidence that matters, & in your heart, the knowledge of your worthiness as the ultimate permission to live
As the Gods from whom we stem.

As an old Hillbilly teacher I once was fortunate enough to have had as a friend said to Me from her reserves of experience, ‘If You Cannot See It, You Cannot Have It, IF YOU

It is a great blessing to know who you are & why.

I salute YOU all for our mutual active role in determining our collective fate & moving it to the higher ground we will need to, to outwit & outrun the Foxes Of Fate, & the Wolves of Despair in The menagerie of doubt that encloses them in a place where the MIND LOOKS FOR LOGIC & Magic,
But instead finds Stress, Stress, Stress & More Stress & more Rabbit Holes of Confusion, while we read CHEMTRAILS like TEA LEAVES to ascertain what the future holds for our continuance & it’s constituent concerns.

And I would like to again express immense gratitude for helping me make such a success ( on its OWN terms) of our ‘PROMETHEUS & PANDORA’ project.

May the divine spirit of evolution continue to raise us as we Master the Unique Challenges ahead.

On a personal final note, my own bio dad died at the age of 56 in 1993, so it is a rather emotional milestone for this old tattooed troubadour in tattered trousers to have finally mounted the age of my dear father’s demise.

I may be no ‘HAMLET’ but I have managed to convince myself that ‘I Ain’t No PIGLET’ either
( unless you are looking for a RAZORBACK & A Very Close Shave)……………

Un Grande Bacino &
My heart to yours,
Sananda Maitreya !

P.S. Simultaneously we are in the current process of establishing a new live band as well as my planning for my NEXT project, a fuller collaboration with the lovely Luisa Corna to be called ‘PANDORA’S PLAYHOUSE’.
Remember that you heard it HERE first !

And also remember if you will that; ‘IT AIN’T WHAT YOU THINK IT IS,

By keeping our EYES OPEN we should be able to mount ANY foreseeable challenge with aplomb ( if not also a couple of ‘peaches’ thrown in for a nice fruit salad) !

#prometheusandpandora #thankyou

Birthday Playlist: