The Phoenix In Arenzano – YouTube Première [HD]

ps Due to the current mechanisms of our wonderful YouTube situation, we were induced to for the time being remove from transmission the 2 Songs that Open & Close our Set List. The Concert commences with recordings of HERB ALPERT’s ‘A TASTE OF HONEY’ & finishes with the Herb Alpert Classic, ‘Music To Watch Girls Go By’, which plays as I am ‘Exiting Stage Right’ before going backstage for the final time to get out of my wet
‘Unmentionables’ and straight into a New Head Space.
Just to provide for your perusal the basic idea of where the situation was, when the situation is properly situated.

Sananda Maitreya & The Sugar Plum Pharaohs

Sananda : Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion

Beatrice Baldaccini : Vocals, Backing Vocals, Percussion

Francesca Morandi : Bass Guitar

Luca Fraula: Keyboards

Luca (The Other Luca) Pedroni : Guitar

Marco Mengoni : Drums, Backing Vocals

Recorded & Mixed by Massimo Faggioni

Video recorded with GoPro Hero7 and edited by Emanuele Brancato & Fabio Cazzato (Lens Artists) for TreeHouse Publishing.

Special Thanks to Cristiana Guastavino, The Mayor of Arenzano: Luigi Gambino and Regione Liguria for having us.

Thanks to TreeHouse Publishing & the Staff, Simone Bellomo (Guitar Tech), Alessandro Zoccarato, Maceo Parisi, Margherita Marghera,

Charlie & Stefano Piccinnu – Wild Merch ( SM Official Merchandise). Thanks to Francesca Francone Maitreya.


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