Greetings Good People of the ZUGEBRIAN Occupation. The Time Lords (Zoo-GEB-ree-un) intercepted an earlier transmission, which would have allowed for the release of this material much earlier. We were forced to go through our ZOOATHALON allies in order to facilitate this communication. The ‘SCARABEO’ also, among its many features, functions as a message service. Friends of ours have had their world atomized to the size of such that can fit inside a snow globe, by the same Time Lords who had previously gone Back in Time and Killed the fabled Blues master Robert Johnson. The original name of their galaxy was removed from their memories and they now inhabit ‘SNOWGLOBIA’, which has been sold to them as a new idea in safe communal living, and one for which they should be grateful. They are instructed by their captors to accept the hard cold facts that, ‘THERE’S NO GLOBIA LIKE SNOWGLOBIA’ and the other favorite, ‘SNOWGLOBIA IS BETTER THAN NO GLOBIA AT ALL’!

Naturally their world is entirely controlled by Zugebrian Time Lord technology, a ‘Remote’ quite similar to a television’s through which the weather, atmosphere, and holographic visions may be programmed. And they are obliged to a ‘WEATHER TAX’ or they get troublesome weather and unpredictable natural conditions. And the Snow inside the Globe is treated in such a way as to cause amnesia and allergies when the snows are Shaken, if not Stirred. Only the fittest of mind can weather through these tumultuous circumstances until their capable allies in the Zooathalon can get to their cause after they finish their mission to the GILEAD POWER STATION, where they must disenable a BOMB.

These 3 songs attempt to dispel confusion regarding the plight of those trapped in the ‘Headspace’ of ‘SNOWGLOBIA’, and each in their own way acknowledges the difficulties and challenges ahead, with a simple universal sentiment attached, to be understood by all within earshot of their stolen reality, “ GET US OUT OF HERE”!!!  

I must go now; the Zugebrians have sent an EYE FLOATER to distract me, as their Eye Floaters, which they conceived of, have vast hypnotic and paralyzing effect. (And as the Zugebrian saying goes: “If the Eye Floaters Don’t Get To You, the British Will”).


And thank you for your ongoing interest in this process.

‘Siamo Qui’ *,

Sananda Maitreya!

P.S. Thanks to my Recording Engineer Matteo Sandri & Social Engineer Francesca Francone Maitreya for their invaluable assistance.

* SIAMO QUI  is an italian phrase that means 'we are here'




The preceding leaked ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS MEMO can be vouchsafed by these members of THE COUNCIL OF DIMINISHED FIGURHEADS:

Polly Mathis, Vinnie Qua, Horace Tuwater, Helen Bach, Nick Sanbruzes, Nixon Cutts, Hammond Deggs, Kitty Hawkins, Sally Fields- Zalright, Don Winslow Homer Simpson, Bertha Butts-Boogie, Biggie ‘Smalls’ Santal, O.Ryan Spelt, Whoopi Cushion-Goldstein and the entire membership of the Zooathalon Allies, ‘I Biaccesi’. It has also been vetted by the highly secretive members of the supportive though stealth, ‘So Be It’ Union.

This memo has been accused of being an elaborate HOAX by an organization empathetic to the Zugebrian Time Lords, ‘The Committee for THE BANAL RETENTIVE’.

Sananda Maitreya (Honorary Zooathalon Affiliate)!

MILANO 25th March 2014