Writings: Meine Lieblings, Liebermans and Leprechauns, a cosmic kiss of bliss!

Meine Lieblings, Liebermans and Leprechauns, 
a cosmic kiss of bliss!


Believing that you are regressing is a judgement of and a hindrance to your path.
The greater courage is in trusting it for in the greater courage you find the greater you,
which is the point of any path in the first place, finding the greater you.

Bravo to the 'DIXIE CHICKS' and Susan Sarandon who showed at least as much courage as their President in choosing to display concern for the war . Ancestors of theirs died procuring for them the right to be proud, vocal and no less loyal Americans for displaying the freedoms we are so eager to export to the rest of the world.

I am proud to share my birthday: March 15th, with among other people SLY STONE and RY COODER. 

I would like to post a shout out of respect to SONNY LANDRETH, who has a cd out called 'THE ROAD WE'RE ON'. Sonny is one of the great masters of his style and I was fortunate enough to get him to work on one of the songs on 'WILDCARD': 'SHALOM'.
He is playing all those graceful slide guitar fills, the hawaiian guitar sound. He is also a real gentleman from the old school of southern charm and manners. It was a pleasure to work with him! 

You are the rod that draws the lightning. Stay grounded and keep your head high and you become a magnet for inspiration, for light. 

Let us hope that appropriate and adequate psychological services await the returning soldiers. The drum beat of war does not fade away as easily as a man would like after he (or she) has left enemy soil, for it takes a while for the enemy soil to leave his mind and the footprint still lying there. 

Narcissists move us because 
narcissists move themselves! 
One must first be convinced before others are. 

Even the wizard must follow the rabbit! 

Never mock how little you have, it's the curse that keeps you there. 

He who laughs last may laugh best, 
But he who laughs first is usually nervous!

Trust your lust! 

I put all my pirates 
Back out to sea
And as they were 
Waving goodbye,
I shot them.
I had forgiven them
But I just wanted
To be on the 
Safe side. 

Additional PSs:

were mastered in 'Nautilus' studio in Milano by Giovanni Versari.
caution is advised if you are used to major label product for these are 
live, active, sonic bacterial cultures. It has not been re-mastered,
re-recorded, re-mixed, re-edited or re-financed. It has also successfully
avoided being picked apart by money managers, accountants and legal
affairs personnel, which pretty much insures that the songs get to you 
as purely as inspired.

I will be performing both of these songs soon in concert. 
I remind you that it is ok to record my live shows for personal medicinal usage
And to swap and trade with your friends. Selling it without my permission 
Will get you spanked, even if I have to crawl inside your dreams to do so .
Likewise unauthorized commercial use of the free songs ist verboten!