Writings: Greetings and Grace to all my fellow technicolour zebras, hebras, shebras and libras!

Greetings and Grace to all my fellow technicolour zebras, hebras, shebras and libras!

Before I begin ….a special thank you to the BBC for their hospitality and support during my recent trip to London in support of WildCard! 
A particular shout-out to Simon Mayo and Mica Paris …..and thanks to the press in general for the kindness shown towards this project! 


The more difficult it is at the beginning, 
The more rewarding it is at the end
Don't be afraid of difficult challenges 
They are a door way to greater rewards


Sensuality is time's gift to a woman 


To serve is the highest calling of the spirit 


I nominate Tony Bennet's 'LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL' as a sacred document.
It is THAT moving and full of spirit! 


In the journey of the soul to greater conscious awareness the long way is to look for answers, the shortcut is to look for being


We are always polarized towards what we need


Life is the womb of rebirth 


There is no love without sacrifice 
And the sacrifice is surrender 


What else is old age but
an accumulation of sorrows 
from Grace it steals time and 
from Space it only borrows


It's not the truth that hurts, it's avoiding it.


The value of 'friction' in our lives is that it dissolves blocks in our emotional flow, and the emotional flow is the rainbow bridge to 'higher consciousness' (another word for greater awareness and depth of perception) and greater peace. 


Man's weapons matches his level of anger and when our reservoir of weapons are larger 
Than our reservoirs of forgiveness then our intelligence and the vaunted intellect we use as evidence, that we are beyond apes, has failed to keep pace with our anger and we are not as smart as we think. 


The self that loves self 
follows love 
the self that does not 
follows judgement
and can never be fulfilled 
and this is hell 


The emotions are light in action 
the intellect light in repose.


Among the many gifts of wine is that it breaks up old energy and encourages the truthful flow of emotions,
otherwise known as light! 


It's what you need if it's what you got!


The key to healing is to treat your pains and discomfort as a priviledge to bear.




As long as you are playing someone elses game, you are NOT the favourite!
If you are not inventing your own game, you are playing a losing game. 


Freedom can only be given to a man from his own permission
The more a government talks of freedom the less they tend to show of it


To belittle a child is to crucify Christ all over again 
For every child belittled is another fall from Grace
And is the favourite sport of those who were themselves 
Belittled and felt its crippling, suffocating sting.


Vengeance is easy 
It is also blind 


Thinking of the body and the process of living as denser than light is what condemn us to experiencing it as burden, as judgement, as shadow. Thinking of it as an expression of light waves dancing already begins raising your vibration and invites the participation of new flight patterns into your flow. 


Finally let's be kinder to one another,
It increases feelings of security and is
The neighbourly thing to do.


Your time is precious: 
Be as positive with it as possible!

Your eternal friend
Sananda Maitreya