Writings: New Music: 'PROMETHEUS & PANDORA' - ch.3


Chapter 3: ‘Pegasus & Food For Trout

(The Cost vs. The Price)’


All Music Written, Produced, Arranged & Performed by Sananda Maitreya.

Recorded & Engineered by Matteo ‘Sergente’ Sandri

Mixed by Sananda & ‘Sergente’ at TreeHouse Studios, Milano

For TreeHouse Publishing.


All Writings by Sananda Maitreya.


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PEGASUS & Food For Trout



Abraham Bacon & Eggs.

…”Then What Do You Call A Quarter Horse If A Horse Cannot Be Divided?”

-Wild Bill Hiccups.

“Cannibalism Is Not A Subject That Consumes Me.

I’ve No Appetite For The Subject At All.”-

Francis Bacon-Omelette.

“Food Is A Great Appetite Suppressant”-

Chasen Ketchenegger.

“There Is No Power More Attractive To Thieves Than Power They Haven’t Earned”

- Peter Wheat-Straw, The Devil’s Son In Law.




Sponsored by The Midlothian ‘Tour’ Tree Promotion Society Lodge 203-

‘When You Make A Sound, We’ll Be Sure To Let Them Know For Miles Around”.

The Importance Of IRON In Our Diet Is That It Promotes Irony.

As Well As The Earnestness Of Being Important.

Irony Smoothes Out The Wrinkles In Our Minds.

“The ONLY Value Of Our Wars Abroad Is To Distract Us From The Substance Of The Wars

On Our Societies At Home.”-  Loyal X. Patriot

“I Hit Him In The Face With Liquid Iron & It Knocked Him Out,

I Never Knew It Was So Strong”- Chasen Ketchenegger.

“Just Get Them All On The Boat”-Noah


-Noah’s Cousin, ‘Throah Tantrum-Yoga’.

‘O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL (& Then Leave As Fast As Ye Can) !


(OR We Can Just Skip The Narrative Altogether & Go Straight

To The Back Of The Book).’

‘You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover, But It IS A Good Place To Start

(Besides, What Kind Of Book Walks Around With Its Pages All Open & Exposed?)’.

“Pass The Torch? Are You Insane? This Is MY Torch !

How’s About I Pass You This Gassy Volcano Instead?”-

A Very Distracted & Farting Prometheus

“I Learned All Of My Best Moves While Dancing On Your Grave”-

A Very Pissed Pandora.

Madame Swan

Are You Feeling

In Your Swans Today


Are You On Your Lake

Feeling The Waves Of

Heartbreak ?

‘Madame Swan’-

The Author.

“I Only Fly To Free Up My View

& Take A Better Look At You.”-


“Without Diligence & Love, Meanness Threatens To Overgrow Anything We Plant”.

-Prometheus & Pandora.

“Grazie Dio Mio”-


Pegasus, Pegasus

Our Dear Peggy Sue

Wears Her Triumvirate

As Were She Given the Wings

To Bear it


Who Rides the Tail

Of a Fiery Wind

When the Bends in the

Straits can Air it


The Western Sun


What The Eastern


What Prometheus


Pandora Begins


From A Sea Foam Perch

Pours Out Her Cream

As But A Little

Food For Trout


The Fish Who Share Their Dream

Of Sirens, Sandcastles & Sauerkraut


Wild Somersaults On Growing Limbs


Walking Ashore When Their

Thoughts Run Out.


Pegasus, Pegasus

Where Did Ye Roam ?

I’m Exhausted & Deleted


Trust You To Find

Our Way Home.

Is that too Conceited ?

For sure Pisces Come To Pieces

When Not Known what the Thesis

Or Where the Police is.

When One Feels Defeated.

I’d Lay in the Cut,

But they’ve Cut out the Creases.

A Curtsey to the Clowns

The Town Unleashes

Courtesy of the

Lost & Found


A Pirouette for the Dames

Percy fixed the levels

& Evened Out the Game

Simon while Simple

Still looks Disheveled.

A Myth with the Resume

Assumed to be Edited by

Authors in the Stench

Of their Rooms.

Before the Evening’s Ticket

To ‘Salome’

& The Leather Loafers Pebbled,

No Laces To Align.

Overhearing An Echoes’ Claim

‘Cause What He Mutters is Still the Same

Each & Every Time.

(He is a Bother to his Own Mother though Not a ‘Nutter’

& There’s Only So Much We Can Assign

Of Blame,

So Pass the Peanut Butter

& Spill the Jam,

I Heard This From His Brother,

One Of Us Was Eating Ham & Cheese,

As The Other Deleted Spam,

Cursing In Chinese,

Wringing Both His Hands) !

So Bless Him While He Staggers In Another Man’s Shame

& Still Give Less Than A Damn

While the Rudder of his Boat

Against the Grecian Coral Slams

With Disapproving Notes Singing Out: “I AM”

Through the Croak of Accusing Throats,

Whose Appetites Lust For Fame.

Sometimes he calls his Boat A Ship,

But Only if his Friends are Hip

& Grow Their Own Smoke.


When Michael Rowed The Boat Ashore

We Thought It Was A Joke.


& So We Kicked Him Around

& Sent Him Back Home In

Jesus’ Name

Until The Words He Spoke

Matched The Frequency Of

The Way He Came &

All The Things He Wrote.

As Pegasus Unravels His Wings While his Nostrils Snort

A Jelly Roll To Soothe The Soul &

The Ley Lines that Establish his Imminent Domain

From Ceylon To ‘C’est La Vie’

Men Take Shelter While Their Heroes Takes Aim

& Thus The Extent Of My Report,

As Far As I Can See

The Purview Of My Purse & Pulse

Exceeding The Bounds of Verse

Or Else, Chasing Hunger To Make Things Worse

& Hiding the Things I Plunder.

My Father Was A Seventh Son Who Came Through


Split by Lightning, Slapped by Thunder.

A Stevedore By Trade

& In His Spare Time,

Stevie Wonder

Flying Blind.

A Pygmy perhaps, a Native

Or Welsh

(A Man Skins A Pelt

While the Lone Fox Search)


The One Who Suggested That

‘Hugo Furst’,

Be The Priest In Charge

Of The Church.

Who Loosens His Belt

With A Spanish Lisp,

The Tentacles Of An Octopus

& The Testicles Of A Celt.

Enough to make the Ice Caps Melt.

While Choking out a Gasp,

& Tightening Up His Fist.


Pegasus Drank the Mead:

Others Fell Into Their Wells

At Their Chosen Speed.

Through The Fountains

Of The Abyss.

The Ink Stains My Wrist

(& A Much Shorter Poem

Once Threatened To Be

What THIS IS).


To Make A

Long Story Short

Always Costs A Few



All The Tantrums Thrown

To Keep The Editor In





Pandora Turned Men into


On the Lawn

If They Displeased Her,

Unlike the Lovers She Turned into Swans

Who then Floated like Foam

Upon the Ripples of Moonlight

The Lakes Call Home,

Where The Fawns


Their Leisure

Few of them reminded her of Rome


NONE Of Them Were Caesar.

Then Again If Left Too Long Alone,

It Takes Vesuvius To Appease Her.


Prometheus Was

Prometheus &

No More Need Be Said.

Need More be Said, We’d

Be Dead, Just like

“If Marijuana Was Legal,

‘Weed’ All Be Free” !

Said ‘Said’ Whose Name

Is Wed To All The Stuff He Needs.

Though Lighting A Torch

On Sense Is Obviously

More Dangerous Than

Lighting A Spliff



A Christmas Tree.


But Still Must Take Days Off


If Only To Take A Sniff.

Once The Elves Get Out

Of My Head &

I Leave My Bed

To Write Another Riff.

I Mean No Harm.


As Close As I Am To


I Am Even Closer To

Alarm !!!!!!!!!


Was Less Interested

In Her Curls


In the Other Girls

Than she was in

Transforming Poets,

Doves, Fragrant Dukes & Earls

From the Frozen Loins

Of Moonstone Tyrants


Of the Pirates

Whose Seed Gave Grit

To Oysters Tongue Tied

By the Size of their Pearls.

Their Errors Not Known

Only their Perils,

A Wince Of Eye

A Glimpse of Emerald

A Dash of Beryl.

Some Bounce Off The Glass

Some Smash Through To

Become Pharaohs

Whose Terrors are Always

Equal to their Tasks

Of Amending Their Wrath

Against Avenging Heralds.

Beneath the Daylight Stripes

The Masquerade Reduces to Ash

What Memory Fails to Wipe

While Cupid Takes Questions


Straightens Them Into


Beneath The Sun Streaked Haze

Before Being Banished By A Left

To Right Swipe.

Pandora’s Palace Glimmers

Minus The Malice Of

The Simmering Irrationals Incomplete Gaze

Only A Sphinx Remembers

At Least As Most Days Go,

While She Fenestrate With Sheryl

On the Consequence of Love


Then Sailed We Both To The Isle Of Lesbos

(Isle Leave You To Wonder Whether

We Took Off From The West Coast).

I Hid In Her Womb When The Straits Were


When Scylla Would Of Charybdis


(And Yes, I Do Know Who Scylla Is,

In Case You Thought I Cribbed This,

Just To Make A Toast).

Some Rebels Win Nobel’s For Lit

& Some Win First Prize Guessing

Foreign Smells By Sitting Next To It

Who Are No Less

Full, As Words Become Digital

Bit By Bit

& A Lost Language

To The Wise, Who Once Again

We May Surmise Are No Less

Full Of Shit

Too Stuffed To

See The Irony Between

The White Bread & The Breadth of Wit

That Spread like Sandstorms Across their Eyes,

Then Pulls The Wool Right Over It.


God Sustain The Rebels Who Take Stones

& Make Pebbles

& Takes A Hole In A Rock

& Calls It Home

With Only A Singing Bass

Stuck To A Plaque

& A Telecaster’s Treble

As A Little Of It Wobbles

While We Fade to Black

Where Beyond Locked Cobbled Walls

A Tree Silences Its Fables As It Falls

What’s the Point Of Wasting Sound

When Puget or People Are Not Around ?

Nor Able To Turn The Key Or Make

The Call To Share Around The Table

Some Of This Vision Came In My Sleep

The Rest I Got From Cable

Between Naps & Taking The Dog

Out For Air.


So Many New Breaths We Will Take

To Compensate For The Ones We Faked.

Then Roger I A Ginger Dame

& Dance Like Fred Astaire !

I Fancy A Twirl With A Reborn Queen

In The Loose Grab Of My Underwear.

Pegasus Parades In A Pork Pie Hat


In A Particular Manner That

Guarantees More Genial Waves

From Men Who Surf With Their

Hopes In Their Hands When Not

Resting In Their Graves.

As He Walks Through The Fair

His Pokey Eye Does Stare


He Tosses His Hair About

As If Apples Were In There

With all the Who’s &  What’s

For The Wise, Though

None The Worse For Wear.

Halfway Between Bars,


Caught Between the Dead &

Fixed Stars of Yeats,

Aligned to Illuminate Exactly Which

Comes First, Fading Starlight Or

Falling Rates.

& Their Effect On Future Wars.

An Analyst Debates The Masters

At Hand,

While Another Young Man


Much Easier Said Than Done

On A Flat Earth Made

Of Spinning



Besides The Privileged personages of Prometheus & Pandora,

Very few people ever got to see Pegasus as a White Winged Horse.

He loved to masquerade as a Black Horse among the many forms this

Shape shifting beast could take to conceal his presence and blend in

Amongst the congregants of whatever pastures or fields he found his

Equine Embodiment Encased in.


He often when called upon, took brief human shape if an urgent message

Needed to be emphasized specifically to someone in the loving care of

Prometheus & Or Pandora, who honored those they favored with divine

Protection & various perks of pleasure.


Despite having literally taken wing as an infant pony on the wind of

Prometheus’ flute & despite the brilliant & radiant saddle of pearls

Made for him by Pandora as an extension of her affection & esteem,

Pegasus needed some ‘ME’ time, a few collected ‘Peggy Sue’ inner ‘I’

Moments, some time away from the demands of both

His creator Prometheus & the Woman who Once Rose from the Fresh Foam

Of the Sea,

With whom he shared his creation,

Both possessing him as passionate parents would a child.

Albeit a child with the heart of an Angel & the temperament of the Devil

At the Crossroads, while in the crosshairs of Saints.


Pegasus would simply take off at times without warning when sensing

That his presence would be more Decorative than Illuminative,

Into the depths of the Zooathalon, far beyond the graphic reach

Of any Zugebrian interference

& Fly to his favorite spot of all, at the foot of the great & grand


The Mountain at the Center of the Universe, located

Upon Earth in a sacred convergence where the 4 eternal fountains

Flow out as the main rivers of the firmament, where Peaceful

Waters Flow, where Glad Is The Knight At Rest At Night &

Particularly where Pegasus can lay down wing,

Let go of the Wind Vexing Calculus in the Frontal Stratum of his Mentals

 & Stretch his able & sufficient limbs

Across the grasses the hug the banks with the grip of the blessed

& serene, and where the famed Red Jaguar of magnificent maroon coat.

Would lap the sparkling dancing springs with the long tongue of a Frosted

Feline fulfilled.


Pegasus would hear sirens singing their morning songs to the sun,

And the owls taking messages from the moon, at risk only of being overheard

By the poets who sought solace in the silence of the surreal, at the foot of trees

That never seemed to end.

The Turtles would be Queried to Bequeath the Knowledge of their Ancient Ways

& He while there, would Welcome the Conversations from the TROUT who in particular

Slapped the rivers with the leaps of joy & imagination that only the rush

Of gushing waters at magical altitudes can compel.

One would even find, were they to go to this blessed Mountain,

The fabled Golden Rhinoceros, whose

Color is Pale Translucent Pink, but Whose Horns Are Made of the Purest Gold.


Pegasus, ‘Peggy Sue’ informally to his friends, considered this place

‘AVALON’. He could become an anonymous lizard here and patrol the

River’s bountiful edge in the arch efficient manner in which lizards measure their resources

& available options before embarking on a course of decision.

Their great ability to measure their Plumage as well as their Pluck

& to Act in Accordance with relevant data only without prejudice is the true source of our reverence

For their intelligence.


It Is Well Known Among Them that ADAPTABILITY is the first law of SURVIVAL.


There were indeed other times when Pegasus escaped to be with his close compadres

Who like he straddled the worlds between fiction, myth & whatever small truths the mind can handle,

When portions of the world are being kept from it,


The ‘Unicorns of Antarctica’, that closely guarded continent where many of the ‘extinct’

Species of the Earth Go To ‘Retire’ In Peace,

In That Secluded Heaven Beyond The Walls Of Ice Concealing, Preserving & Protecting It.


It pained him at times that he could at any hour get caught between the enormous

Cauldron of Storm & Stress that engulfed the matter that is Prometheus & Pandora,

Both as Impulsive as the Other was Wise, Both Otherwise Possessed of Quicksilver Minds,

& Even

Quicker Tongues & Both Mindful that Their Powers of Creation Came at A Price

Of Great Responsibility if not at Always for Them Too Great A Cost for Yield.


For there is always a COST versus the PRICE & All Things Measured by the Grand Pendulum of



And yetter still, both capable of being riled to a state of deviant steam that could reduce the dawns

Of men’s dreams to ruin. To the rubble in the afterwain of a midnight bombers madness.

Although even they understood that the laws were the laws regardless of their levels of rank,

Which implied clearly that what one could not replace, one could not take without inducing

In the process the karmic burden of exchange.


Once granted the powers of creation, ZEUS & the Mother Of Olympus fully expected that

One had to incarnate into the worlds one created, in order to remain in balance with the foundation

Of what one has created. One is not encouraged to abandon worlds once initiated, UNLESS

Circumstances determine loudly otherwise. And the vanity of the Gods precludes the idea that being worshipped & adored is more desirable than being blinded, muted & cursed.




The history of man & his Gods are a bloody one indeed, and on BOTH sides of the fable’s skin.

More than a few Gods have been ejected from their solemn perches for having been abominations

To their flock, for having egregiously transgressed against the very souls granted life to advance.


Some Gods are sick fucks and have to be reined in.


And yet, despite, there are still Gods who sit atop mountains and sing into the clouds that will rain down upon their children as gradually they stop watching the clock & start looking at time instead.


Prometheus, Having Created the Very World whose Language we now Command

Was More than Capable despite his Historic Equanimity, of Punishment as a form

Of Instruction, as opposed to Abuse.

While sometimes Pandora could be as abusive as a viper because she damn well could.

She herself came through a childhood whose alphabet was formed to defeat her &

In whose letters the corners were burned by abuse,

Leaving around her memories, a sepia tinted blurring, a haze whose edges were parched

& crumbling, a fragment lost with every little portion touched.

The risk of remembering it was the risk of destroying it forever & losing it to the fading fog

That saddles the mind with riddles.

Her magnanimous bosom was legend, deep into the forests & dales, her Perception

& Authority coveted by even the thunderous hoofs of cloven beasts, brazen in their need to praise her & her fertile potions of life

saving chants riveting as accompanied the crickets evening rasp.


YET, get on her wrong side & things get UGLY.

As with women everywhere.

Even Prometheus knew far too well the perils awaiting the poor Populist or Pauline in the metropolis Who

Got between Pandora & Her Need to Wrap her Riveting Wrath in Writhing Ribbons of Blood.


It is bordering the ironic that sometimes Only A Woman can know by nature that there are times

When EVERYTHING needs to bleed.




Though a major point of contention between the lovers was Prometheus’ refusal to allow

Pandora to clone his horse, Pegasus divided his duties with them as best he could.

Prometheus had Created Pegasus from a Remnant of the Moon that he had Refashioned &

Shaped for Pandora & the Rest of her Brood & Tribes that her bosoms brought forth from the wilderness when he had been sentenced

By ZEUS to the Earth for his Supposed Transgressions Against the Other Gods of Mt.Olympus.


His disagreement with what he saw as their errant ways caused him much political fallout

& he was told in no uncertain terms by his father & rivals to ‘Get The Hell Out’.

Which was followed by an instantly urgent plea, abetted by Irony from HADES, The Lord Of HELL to ZEUS,

To “Keep That Bastard As Far Away From Me As Possible”,


NOTHING about REFORMERS does The Lord of Hell & Death have ANY Plausible Time for,

Nor much in the way of Generosity of Opinion.

And ONLY Out of respect for the fact that Prometheus was the Favorite Bastard Son of God

Was his Life Spared Once Settled away from the Unimpeachable Confines of the Lazy Paradise

That is Mt. Olympus.


Prometheus thought the other Gods had all gotten in essence FAT & ENTITLED, whether in mind,

Body OR Spirit & had become increasingly more of a problem than a solution.

He was raised to believe that the Role of the Gods were to Serve the Furtherance of the Needs of

What Has Been Created & Anointed with Breath & Animation,

That Gods were truly servants of MEN and not the other way assumed.


Naturally, the Other Fellow Immortals mainly thought him a militant threat to the program.

He had found Mercury (Hermes) to be his only real ally, besides Thor & the Goddesses they both held in mutual sway.

He found NEPTUNE unwilling to share his watery purview & as stated earlier, HELL WANTED



And so while camped out atop a distant mountain in the area now known as the ATLAS

Mountains, Prometheus began crafting a great companion

To assist in the fulfillment of his Windy Sundry Ways & Swinging Saturday nights.


No matter how wide were the arches that framed his ardent love for his Pandora, he would be damned

If he allowed even ZEUS (but Especially Zeus) to take the blueprint of his most useful design

& turn it into a franchise.



Not for anyone.

Price was not the point.

COST was.

And what he cost was too emotional for a price to be affixed & adjourned.

If Heaven Wanted To Share The Idea, They Should Have Come Up With It.

The credit would have gone to someone else anyway, Prometheus knew that.


It was more that the politics of Mt.Olympus made it less a land of opportunity than a land of opportunists.


And She, Pandora of The Precious Pearls, who could craft men from mites could not allow herself to cross the threshold

Of trust between her & Prometheus & bypass courtesy and clone ‘Peggy Sue’

For Her Own Prodigious Advantages.

It was the ONE THING she was forced to share that she did not herself give for the CAUSE of sharing.


THIS annoyed her, but she WORKED with it.


There could in truth only ever be one Pegasus & it was clear that the soul of the original would

ALWAYS remain WITH the original pale pink white pony pressed from the punitive purse

& pulse of Prometheus’ posture while on the mountain plains.


PEGASUS  knew intimately BOTH his master’s private predilections.

Pandora’s at times wild, provocative vindictiveness, shrewd cunning

& Her teeth grinding hatred for men in short nylon black socks with even shorter patience.

Any man who survived her in such a case

Would have been carrying his full weight

& THEN some in Sapphires.

She may at times RUN WITH THE WOLVES but most Certainly NOT In Birkenstocks.

This, a woman who when tired will just tilt the world in her favor so that what she needs

Rolls to her instead.


& Then there is Prometheus’ Irrational Fear of & Compulsion to Mock & Unjustly Attack

Very Large Men

In Tight Loafers


Tiny Hand Held Dogs

That They Have To Carry.

Made much more poignant if they are wearing suede loafers which ties into a past narrative far too Deep

For All But the Brave



& Yet Whose Hands Burn

Less Often than the Eternal Flame of his Heart Does.

And all THIS From A Man Who Runs With Lions For Literature & Reshapes Planets

So That Seahorses May Stretch their Minds to become Men & where Mermaids

Write songs that Sailors Send Back home to the Shorelines hugging the Silver Coasts.


This from a God not unknown to say to his favorite horse,

“Here, Hold My Thunderbolt For A Second” while Ducking for Cloud Cover.

& Who would Brood more than a Mare while Attending his Horse Stables

In Corsica & Sardinia, Lands of Enchantment &

2 of his Favorite Posts of Retreat.


For Pandora, Pegasus Could Be A Fire Breathing Dragon If Required.

For Prometheus He Could Materialize The Format Of A Whale To

Attain for His Prometheus, Some Sub Aquatic Decompression Away

From the Prying Eyes Of the Sea, WHICH SEES ALL.


All The Regular Fixtures On The Time Scale Mixtures !

(And what doesn’t develop still remains as pictures).

Do Not Check Scriptures, but Listen to the Waves


They Blow their Lectures before Moving On


The Other Sectors the Spinning Matrix Gives.

Though None the Equal of the Neckline of the Swan

Where all my Questions Live.


For Pegasus it would always feel from time to time like a mild case of joint custody.


The only thing it seemed right to do was to love and serve both as he himself was loved

And served by them in return. That it was also expedient to develop ONE CHARACTER

BUT 2 MINDS, also felt like the only viable way time could be induced to flow without

Going in too many directions at once, which anyway happens to an undisciplined nature.


Sometimes when Peggy Sue was at Mt. Meru,

He became a fish, jumping eagerly into the wild rustling

Rivers & become as one with the Schools of Fish Matriculating in the area. It was once while swimming with them

That he learned the hard fast lesson that



Because when YOU Drop Out, THEY Drop Out TOO !

& WHEN YOU CUT CLASS, THOSE BITCHES ARE ALSO THERE, waiting to see what you’ll do next.

(Though true to most forms of nature, When You SCREW Up You Are On Your Own, & in this fish are just as fickle as our false friends).


When YOU decide to bail, to split, to vamoose, to exit stage right, to Audi 5000,

The Fish revaporize back into the solemn columns of purposeful intent known only to their own swimming circles.

You may eventually leave them behind but never from your soul will they detach.


He loved NOT being a fish

Except when he loved being a fish.

And he saw it as a Great Blessing to be Able to Convene Moon Washed Evenings

With the TROUT that always gave him a lot more perspective than he was in possession of when he came.

And THIS is WHY he came.

TO GRAZE among his close companions.


It were after all Trout Logic that gave him his perspective that ‘IT AINT WHAT YOU THINK


Naturally, to the uninitiated, Trout Logic makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

You finally really get it when it



A Fish Eye Sees as only a Fish High Seas

& This is why Shanghai is low when it isn’t.

The Trout & Pegasus Understand This,

While the Salmon are Too Busy Fighting Things As They Are

& Beating themselves up for being contrarian.


After all THERE IS A DIFFERENCE  between going against the TIDE

& Going against the GRAIN, though it best be left to a Carpenter

& A Fisherman to parse where the paradox lies between the one

& The Other.


Our far flown Pegasus possessed unlimited capacity for a flying horse but he wasn’t a Trout,

And therefore couldn’t know everything, though that fact never really stopped a horse from ‘surmising’, which could be surprising without realizing.


He was also ‘schooled’ from time to time by his good piscatorial mates, ‘Salmon Dave’ &

His Singing Duo Companion ‘Salmon Ella’, also a doctor.

Told that she bore a vocal resemblance to Ella Fitzgerald, she fashioned herself accordingly.

And perhaps not coincidentally,

She was also a very good acquaintance of our favorite Pink

Elephant, ‘Elephants Gerald’, who also sings.


But don’t ask him to sing ‘scales’ because he will assume that you are making reference to his weight.

Which he remains a bit sensitive about, despite all of the self help books & the close embrace of his friends.


Too many ‘tsk’ ‘tsks’ can task the taxes on a tusk.

But an elephant in a tux should certainly be no cause for alarm !!!!!


Meanwhile ‘Salmon Ella’ spent as much time on her vocal scales as her fish scales, which needed the necessary maintenance & attention to remain at the level to which she aspired to attain.


And every time she let go of a few scales, she shed a few pounds.

Oh the life of those who swim against the brine & breach !


The Pressures on the Gods & their Beasts of Burden were Outsized to Mythic Proportions

& In These Times of Escape, ‘Peggy Sue’ Found Paradise No More Suitable to Her Tailored

Measures than He did when sat down upon these Celestial Banks,

‘Banging At The Border With The Rest Of The Ranks’,

& Letting it all just duly fade with the mists that

Mount the Fog as A Twilight Mass Melts into the Encroaching Morning Meadows.


When needed by Prometheus or Pandora, the Gender Changeable Stallion would be called

Forth From their Minds.

They would both understand that

Their winged chaperone would return upon the time it did & not a moment sooner.


It would occur that often Pandora needed Pegasus to be a gender more in sync with her own.

While Sometimes it were Imperative that Prometheus be Accompanied by more Male Prerogative

& Primordial Pulse.


& Life being but a HOLOGRAM controlled by Will & Light, the spirit that was the enduring Pegasus

Found it no vexation or sweat to alter his subtle energy field and become what his Lords requested

When the right moment found its aim.

Male Or Female, He Was All Warrior, & never a question besides Arose that didn’t come with A Rose Attached.


It was An Even Given that the Fair Canter of Time would return,

For PEGASUS Always Returned In Time,

In order to make his Renewal Available for the Purposes Put Paid to by his 2 Co-Workers In The Destiny’s Fields, Prometheus & Pandora & the Ever Expanding & Ongoing Work of Ushering the Children Beloved of their Endorsers and Moving their Prerogatives Forward.

You know what it’s like,

What Some Cows Do.

Some Cows Rue.

Others just Moo

& Some

Come Undone


They Become Glue

Which is to say;



I Leave You Now To Empty the Zoo

The Night May Have A Thousand Eyes

But None Of Them Look Straight At You.


So Says Pegasus

With Sprinkled Oregano

For Emphasis

While Flapping About

Hovering Above

Where Memphis Is.


The Flutist Must Flout

The Poet’s Must Po

& Pied Pipers Really DO



Szechuan Ducks &

A Half Dozen Of The Other


A Pocketful Of Rye,

A Handful of Seeds.

Before PEGASUS Returns

To Gather The Smoke & Shadows


Frame His Night Sky Silhouette

Upon the Pale Horizon For The Compass

To Read Before The Dawn Has Set

Before the Harvest Cancels Out the Debt.

& Diminishes What We Need.



To NOAH, a servant of the Lord had no business being concerned with wearing whatever mask, playing whatever role it took, to get the ANIMALS ON THE BOAT.

His mandate was simple & clear, whatever it takes, JUST GET THEM ON THE BOAT.

If it takes persuasion, so be it. If coercion, so be it again, & if it takes another cheap pun,

“So Be It Union !”.

No Problem.


Angel Wings & Halos, Devil’s Horns & Pitchfork, WHO CARES !

Leave ALL EGO ASIDE about how one PREFERS to be seen



Though Noah DID Feel that his butt looked less fat in the Devil’s Costume.


Fears & Prejudices are challenges to overcome. Face it, some animals are not necessarily the high mark of hygiene & by propensity the better groomed animals tend to be unpredictable & mean, while a lot of energy has to go into providing security for the CUTE

CUDDLY Teddy Bear Animal Types whose adorability factor extends our tolerance towards even those animals we find offensive.


NOAH understood that he were allowed to process his prejudices like the rest but that HIS POSITION left him precious little room to exercise them. He knew that in any event, any issues he might encounter with any of the other beasts could be resolved by the end of the journey ahead, because the DRY LAND HEALS A LOT OF TEARS, and buries it whispers in the sands.



& All Dissonance Seeks Harmonic Convergence As It Passes Through Its Apology While It Clashes.


Since NOAH knew well that he himself did not create the animals in his charge, he knew better than to take too seriously his judgments of them, as ignorance rules best from a closed throne & when the mind is shut, so is the path to logic.

& He Loved His God Faithfully The Extent To Which His Imagination & Faith Allowed.


Besides the safety of his family, all that mattered to the mighty Noah was the safe passage of the carne of his vessel.


He grew to appreciate how much observing each of them taught him about the general nature of life itself & the great abiding connection we all share as sentient beings.

AND ALL LIFE IS SENTIENT, Only Ignorance & Bias Suggest Otherwise.


So Noah learned not to judge the beasts based on his own limited perceptions of a world he knew not of Except Through Them.

& For him, IF IN DOUBT it was always simply a matter of processing his impressions &

Determining whether he HAD SMOKED TOO MUCH OR NOT ENOUGH.



There was no ambiguity in his instructions.

If the Zoo were disorderly, he would distract them all with COMMON CAUSE.

To take their Attention Away from their Differences & Onto their Mutual Need to Survive

Those Same Differences.


His God would take care of the rest, Once the Mud Returned to Greet their Footing & the Flowering of the Flowing Seeds Upon The Fertile Valley Awaiting.



Michael rowed the BOAT ASHORE




He Should Have Come In A Bigger Boat


He Should Have Had More Men.

All He Came With Was ‘Amen’

So We Stripped Him ‘Til He Looked

Like Ramen



Beat Him Some More Again

(Not At All Uncommon).

Then We Broke Eggs & Bread


Cooked Our Omelette’s On Him,

While Contemplating Our Sins.


Jamming with the Kilometers Crumbling,

Sipping On A Pimm’s

& Gripping The Grin That Grabs

My Gripe While Stumbling &

Stretching Out His


Michael Has Not Been Here For Awhile.

We Didn’t Break His Spirit,

We Weren’t Allowed To Get Near It

But We Certainly Broke His Smile


One Man’s Torment


Another Man’s Style

For As Long As He Will Bear It.


So Again,

I Offer This


Before The Wingman Pulls

His Barrels Out.



Prometheus &

Web Mistress In Bed

His Parallel Thrust Defending

His Manhood Inducing Her

Ecstatic Cries:

“Oh My God, I’m Trending” !!!

Sananda Maitreya

Milano - Italy

December 2016.

© 2016 TreeHouse Publishing - All Rights Reserved.


( Some Rights Less Reserved

After A Few Drinks & Cuddles ).